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Posted by 👤 on 🗓 March 23rd, 2021

After so much persuading, Cynthia decided to come visit. She told me she would be brief and would need comfort. Thank God I said to myself, my room mate had travelled and would be back in two days times. This is an opportunity to ride the cross! I will be riding at higher speed to hurt her just the way she stressed my life in the college.

Little did I knew Terfa, my room mate would return that evening. He dropped from bike and I helped him packed the luggages inside the room as if I was happy for his return but inside of me I knew I was not. Terfa was lying with his back on the bed and the eyes faced to the ceilings. He was gazing at the cobwebs that occupied the extreme of the walls.

came and we got talking, Terfa was still gazing at the ceiling. I thought he was but only taking his time and he would live us soon but to no avail. I needed to do something to signal him, I thought what to do, then I decided to move from where Cynthia was to sit next him. Gently j would I crash his toe to inform him what was going on but Terfa would rather take his legs away. It was already late and Cynthia was set to return.

I wished I could convince her to stay for one day but all my efforts turned abortive. When Cynthia had already gone. I hoped into the room to express my hurtful feelings to Terfa and he told me to the face until he is not around he wouldn’t allow that. I felt seriously bad because I could not touch the forbidden fruit neither was I able to kiss her.

I wish I could tear Terfa that moment but when …I remembered we weren’t allowed to fight I decided to keep my lane in the room pending when my money would finish to change apartment. THE END

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20 days ago

This is beautiful. I think the room mate was too harsh and heartless

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